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Here we offer You some of the more popular products:
The inverter to the motor Delta Electronics.
Frequency Converter Danfoss.
The frequency Converter Schneider Electric.
Servos Delta Electronics, FOTEK CONTROLS.
Operator panel Delta Electronics, FOTEK CONTROLS.
Incremental encoders Delta Electronics, FOTEK CONTROLS.
Power supply FOTEK CONTROLS.
Temperature controllers Delta Electronics, Termodal.
Control and measuring devices, Delta Electronics, Termomit, FOTEK CONTROLS.
Sensors ( Opticheskie, inductive, temperature ) FOTEK CONTROLS.
Explosion-proof equipment security and fire automatics.
Devices of the control of speed. RPE "System of control".
Weight terminal Uralves
Pyrometers, anemometers, devmanager, thomery Vector-PM
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Frequency converters to buy you can to the address: Russian Federation, Republic of Bashkortostan, city of Ufa,

index: 450000, Ul. the October Revolution 71 office 5